find your equilibrium

boutique wellness

discover an oasis of calm and restoration when you need to unwind and breathe away the chaos of the world — find a space where you can reconnect to your own inner compass and release that of the external

ways to play

intuitive solo journey

blending a total of seven unique healing instruments, immerse yourself in an inner landscape that bathes you in sound for deep relaxation and restorative meditation
$90 | 60mins

ways to play

on-body treatment

amazing for deep relaxation, stress relief and overthinking, the on/near body placement of Tibetan metal bowls and Solfeggio tuning forks facilitate brain wave relaxation, mind detoxification, hand + foot massage and energy cleansing
$90 | 60mins

ways to play

group journeys

held twice-monthly, gather in community for an inter-dimensional sound experience with channelled voice, seven-metal and crystal bowls, shamanic drum and rattles, forest flute and koshi chimes
$17 | 60mins


begin your calm

holding space for transformational experiences that matter in the valley where the winds meet, let's explore how I can support you